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Mid Season String Maintenance

Jan 23, 2019 7:59:00 AM / by Sam Brenzel

For most archers out there, replacing strings and cables on a brand new bow is no big deal, you haven’t shot the bow so you won’t “feel” the difference. With a few measurements of the axle to axle, brace height, draw length and poundage, you should be able to change out your strings and make sure everything is back to normal fairly easily.

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I tend to get more questions about “what should I do” when someone is mid-season and all of a sudden something happens and they need to change strings and/or cables. When you have a setup that works it’s scary to change something as major as a set of strings, but by following the tips below you should be able to change out those strings and be back almost exactly where you were with the old set.

  1. Measure EVERYTHING on your current set up and write it down, and then measure it again to double check! I personally like to draw sketches also so I don’t mess up what I wrote down. Basic things to write down include: Axle to Axle, brace height, peep height, nocking point, D-loop length, and drop away rest connection point if applicable.
  2. Check the timing on your bow, if you want your bow to feel exactly the same you’ll want to know exactly what your timing looks like. Taking a picture of this is extremely helpful.
  3. Check the poundage, both draw weight and holding weight if possible.
  4. Check your draw length, this is best done on a draw board for accuracy. If you do not have a draw board you can have a friend help you by looking at a pre marked arrow measured against a reference on your bow (such as the tip of your rest or back of the riser).
  5. Check your paper tune, the tune doesn’t have to be perfect, this is just something you can use to double check that everything is shooting like it did before the switch. I like to take a picture of the paper tear before and after.

If you have any questions or concerns about this process please don’t be afraid to go to your local pro shop, they will be able to help you with the process, and they will have some tools you may not have such as a bow press, draw board, and bow scale.

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Sam Brenzel

Written by Sam Brenzel

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