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Pro Tip: String Maintenance

Jan 2, 2019 9:20:00 AM / by Peter Elzinga

Peter Elzinga, 37, represents the Netherlands and is an archery shop owner in Amsterdam who shoots for Winner's Choice. Having started competing in archery in 1990, he has a few years of experience behind his belt, and shares his string maintenance tips in the update below:


In my 29 years of shooting archery, there is one thing I have to trust most: string and cables. For me there is one thing that can change on your bow, and that’s why I trust Winner's Choice, as there is no doubt in my mind that they have the best set on the market today. Why:

  • No creep
  • No peep rotation
  •  No serving separation
  • All colors available
  • All serving colors available
  • The material and strands of your choice
  • Their warranty: if there even is a problem it will always be resolved.

Some of my pro tips with regard to string maintenance:

  • Always put your peep sight in the middle of the string
  • Winners choice places a piece of string where it should be
  • Do not wax your strings to much
  • I always refresh my complete set every year
  • Never use a lighter near strands

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Peter Elzinga

Written by Peter Elzinga

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