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Pro Tip: Waxing Bowstrings

Nov 8, 2018 11:45:00 AM / by Alexis Ruiz

When it comes to waxing your bowstring, it is all personal preference. Some people wax their bowstring a lot, a few times, or they do not wax it. I prefer to shoot the least amount of wax possible on the string. To me, string wax is to keep the fibers from falling apart. Living in Arizona, you would think that the heat would dry out the bowstring. However, I only wax my string once or twice a season. I know a lot of people put more wax on their strings when they are in rainy or snowy conditions, but I prefer to use the lightest amount of wax on the string. The surface area is so small the water will not soak into the string. The bowstring could be under water and the string still will not be soaked. 


The Winner’s Choice strings do not fray even after shooting thousands of arrows through them. I shot my Winner’s Choice strings all through last indoor season and I won Vegas with them, and I also shot them all through outdoor season without putting a drop of wax of them. This is why I prefer not to wax my strings as often. I also do not want to slow my string down from the excess weight from the wax.

When I wax my string, I cover all of the exposed of string in wax. I start to rub the wax in with my fingers. After, I take a piece of leather to make sure the wax gets into the string, and I rub the string fast to heat the wax up. When I finish, I take a piece of loop material and rub it down the string to get the excess wax off.

I have also had people ask me if they should wax their serving. I do not think a person should wax their serving because it is meant to protect the string. The serving material is fine as it is, and it does not need anything extra on it.

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Alexis Ruiz

Written by Alexis Ruiz

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