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Pro Tip: Why Winner's Choice

Nov 29, 2018 5:45:00 PM / by Jacob Marlow

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Strings are the most deciding factor of consistency when it comes to an equipment standpoint. Since the string is what determines the path of the arrow, we should want the most consistent string out there. That’s where Winners Choice comes in. They are the best option on the market due to their materials and building process. From the factory, every Elite has a set on them, made out of BCY X material, which gives you the perfect blend of speed and stability.

With Winners Choice, you do not have to worry about serving separation or the string/cables “stretching.” The reason serving separation is such an important aspect of a string is because when a string has separation it can cause wear to the actual strands, which provides the foundation of the string and damage to it can cause failure. There’s nothing worse than having to replace a string a couple of days before a hunt or tournament. Stretching is the most common problem among strings and one of the most detrimental to a bows accuracy. When a strings length changes, so does the timing, poundage, draw length, and tune of the bow. This all has an effect on a shooters accuracy, and causes unnecessary frustration. The easiest fix is to get a quality set of strings, which you will every time through Winners Choice.

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Jacob Marlow

Written by Jacob Marlow

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